Snorkeling Oceanside Jetty...

I awoke to Brady cooking coffee cake and proclaiming that we were going snorkeling.

We were excited to see the Garibaldi, a species of bright orange fish in the damselfish family which is the official marine state fish of California. It is protected in Californian coastal waters. Interestingly to me, (an Italianphile) its common name is a reference to the Italian military and political figure Giuseppe Garibaldi, whose followers often wore a characteristic scarlet or red shirt.

Brady and Eric are awesome hosts with the best backyard ever!

This was the perfect way to start the day!!!

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For Travel's Sake said...

I love these pictures! That was sooo much fun. I had no idea about the link to Italy, that is very interesting.
It is a good thing we told my neighbor about the snorkel and informed him that Garibaldi is California's marine state fish, and that he should not spear fish them (it is a 500$ fine). Let's face it, the world needs our help.

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