Oceanside Stay with Brady...

I'm in SoCal for a long weekend, and Brady has graciously offered me her guestroom. How totally awesome. After departing NorCal at 3:15 AM and depositing my daughter-in-law off at her folks', I arrived ready to explore.

Brady never lives far from the sea. A walk to the Oceanside Harbor and time on the jetty is part of her itinerary.

It was pretty special when a pod of dolphin swam by, as a welcome to me.
The day concluded at the Main Street Sunset Market, a bright spot in downtown Oceanside since August 2007. This weekly gathering is so much more than a Farmers Market. Thousands of residents and visitors alike gather each week to enjoy the varied hot food offerings, the eclectic merchandise selections, the gourmet packaged food section and the live entertainment.
Brady's 'varied' dinner choice was stuffed hash browns. Surprisingly unique and delicious.

People watching, unique food, good company... all just steps from the beach. I've missed SoCal because of nights like these.

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For Travel's Sake said...

Yep! That pretty much sums it up! :) I cannot believe you did all that after waking up at 3 in the morning! Not only that but you look great.
I am glad that enjoyed your stay here, and got to see the new place!

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