We're in the Yukon...

We are moving on...

For several miles, we have been cautioned about the Wood Bison and hadn't seen any until this morning.
As we sat, drinking our morning cup of coffee, Steve spotted these guys out our dinette window.

By the time the herd moseyed by, we had seen about thirty or so of these majestic beasts. Wow.

 And further down the road, we passed by another large grouping.
We fell in love with this mamma bear and her two young cubs.
Oh my goodness, how sweet is this little one?

There exists an interesting Tahoe tie-in with The Yukon. In 1898, 14 year old Francis (Frank) Gilbert Watson, an American from Lake Tahoe, came to the Yukon with his father. When things didn't work out well enough, they returned to Tahoe. A few years later, Frank returned to The Yukon and settled down with Adela, a Kaska woman. They have long been recognized as key figures in the early development of this area. Cool!
Watson Lake's Sign Post Forest is a Yukon Historic site and a place we were eager to visit. In 1942, Carl Lindley, a US soldier from Danville, IL added his hometown sign to an army mileage signpost during the construction of the Alaska Highway. Since then, visitors from around the globe have added more than 75,000 signs to this unique "forest".
Years ago, we had our sign made (hence our old hometown). We both can't seem to remember what we were going to do with it then. Today, we used it to represent Haerrs everywhere.

For future reference, to find our sign simply pass through the main entry gateway, past the firetruck, to the third row, located towards the bottom of the 5th post from the end.

And what did I love the most about the Sign Forest? Each sign was definitely different and while many prepared ahead of time, many visitors got so caught up in it all, they used whatever they had to leave something behind (cookie sheets, license plates, hats, etc.) Martin & Myrna get the prize with theirs!

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Karen Booth said...

I was happy to have had a sneak peek of the bear cub standing up. Among a LOT of great pics so far, I think that is my favorite. Had you always planned to go to the Sign Post Forest and leave your sign or had it just been occupying a space in the Arctic Fox? And it took me a minute to figure out the last sign. In my defense I was checking in with the blog after midnight and a dinner party with a lot of wine:)

Cyndy Brown said...

You two are the most prepared and ready people I know! I LOVE this idea!

Aquí Ahí Allá said...

Did you have your sign made just for this or did you just have it made? Curious...

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