Talkeetna: Day 1 of 2...

Currently we are camped along one of the three rivers that flows through the quaint and historic village of Talkeetna.

While gold was discovered nearby in 1905, the town really didn't take off until a decade later, when President Woodrow Wilson selected Talkeetna as the site for the Engineering Commission Headquarters for the construction of the Alaska Railroad.
Talkeetna is now the starting point for anyone wanting to mountain climb Denali. In total, for this year, just under 1,200 people registered to climb the mountain formally known as McKinley, with 442 people making it to (and back from) the highest point in North America for 2017. How crazy is that?
We had dinner at the Roadhouse which was built between 1914 and 1917 by teamster brothers Frank and Ed Lee. It's always good to dine in history, especially when it's outside in a picturesque place.
I dined on the delicious Alaska Salmon Pasty.
 It took me a minute to understand the cleverness of this treat's name.
This is my Only in Alaska image for today. These Unisex Neoprene Rubber Boots  were worn by everyone with every conceivable outfit.

I absolutely love a town with cheesy photo op props. Talkeetna takes 1st Place in this category.

And this is our home for the next two nights. All is awesome in Alaska.

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Karen Booth said...

Funny that the photo op said "Go Kiss a Moose" when one is getting kissed by a moose. Thanks for the Mickey Moose photo. Was your parking spot for the night really right in front of the building?

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