The Glacier & Scenes of Jasper...

And here is the morning glow on Athabasca Glacier, colored slightly by the fact that there are several forest fires burning around us, but beautiful none-the-less.

This morning we tried to walk to the toe, note the marker indicates where the glacier was in 1982. Man, that was like yesterday!
Another interesting note about this icefield  is the fact that it is the hydrographic apex of North America- the only point on the continent where water drains to three different oceans- the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic.
We actually heeded the warnings to stay off of the glacier but even coming this close was pretty special for us.
Don't you love the way they depict RVs here? Cute awning.
As we headed to the town of Jasper, sights called to us along the way. Our first pause was at Sunwapta Falls which was caused by the abrupt change of course by Sunwapta River.
So the question I must ask is why for the French translation, do they need to do the math problem involving pi?
When visiting a new town, we like to go to their Visitors Center. Jasper's is pretty special. It was built as the park administration building in 1913-1914, and became the visitor contact center in 1972.
We are seeing many of these wild Wicked Campers everywhere. Their tagline is Super Happy Sexy Budget Camper van Rental Time USA and Canada. "Our cheap camper van hire is the best and most affordable way to see the USA and Canada. Each budget camper comes with a unique paint job, comfy bed, kitchen and loads of storage space." They do stand out, and each has a different theme. I had flashbacks to the child rearing years when I read this one.
Jasper has the coolest laundromats, all with more than one purpose. This one was combined with a coffee shop.
But this one took the prize, as far as I'm concerned (art supplies... hello).

After a great lunch and a stroll around town, we ended our Jasper visit at the Historical Society Museum... a must!

The museum covered so much local history via informative exhibits, amazing photographs and an excellent video. We have loved our time here. More tomorrow (and yes, that's Bing Crosby hitting a golf ball with a bear looking on). Fun stuff, eh?

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Aquí Ahí Allá said...

The falls are spectacular. So much energy in one area.
In Morocco, where we are now, they would probably be in the process of building a dam if that water were here. :/ They love their dams!

Cyndy Brown said...

Love the painted campers and what a great way to enjoy friends, shopping or whatever while doing your laundry!

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