Our Playdate with Sled Dogs...

Today we headed to Muktuk Adventures for a self-guided Tour of their sled dog ranch.

For a donation, we spent the day being in a picturesque setting with people who love animals, surrounded by dozens of loving dogs. Can you think of a better way to spend a day?
For as long as we wanted, we could love on any and all of the 145 dogs and puppies, at our leisure.
These are the happiest and most loved dogs ever. They love to race and they are content.

Oh man, there wasn't enough time to love on all of them.

And the puppies. These six week old tikes were hysterical. We experienced pure JOY today!

After all the dog loving and puppy petting, we were invited to join the crew for a home-cooked meal. Our lamb & chicken coconut curry soup, along with the olive couscous salad, was exceptionally prepared using fresh vegetables and herbs grown in their organic greenhouse. A hearty meal was the perfect end to our perfect day... so far.
What a truly special day with some very special dogs. And here are all 145 of these amazing creatures saying "goodbye"!

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Karen Booth said...

Okay, I concede that you had an amazing couple of experiences, but I would be in the parallel universe with wine and cats :) There is something for everyone - right? That being said, I feel like I need to hold a puppy right now. And kiss them!

Cyndy Brown said...

I want to go there! What an amazing experience to be around all the love from the dogs...by the way...how is Betty?

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