Talkeetna: Day 2 of 2...

This was morning at our campsite, along the river (to answer Karen's comment) and it was spectacular.

After taking care of neglected business at camp, we headed into town. This is today's Only in Alaska photo. The racks were visible from far away, and I was drawn to peek in the truck's bed.
Our first stop was at the old school house, now the home of the Talkeetna Historical Society Museum. The exhibit space uses three different buildings to tell the various aspects of the village's history.
I am enthralled with the mountain climbing of Denali (Mt. McKinley) even though we have yet to see it. This exhibit showed the gear of the first climber and of today's adventurer. And who was that crazy soul who was the first person to reach the summit of Denali, the highest mountain in North America, in 1913? Walter Harper (1893 – October 25, 1918) was an Alaska Native mountain climber and guide and the inspiration for the mannequin on the left. What an incredible life story.
Wanting to know even more about mountain climbing, we visited the Ranger station armed with many questions. We were shown an informative film all about the ins and outs of summiting Denali. So not on my bucket list! "How many people had summited and how many people had died trying?", we asked. A: An estimated 32,000 climbers have attempted Denali with about a 50% success rate. One hundred have died including 11 in 1992 (the most in one year).
The final stop, on this knowledge quest, was the City Cemetery.
Moving on to happier components of what makes Talkeetna delightful, we visited the Farmers Market.
We fell in love with Romanesco Broccoli while living in Italy. It's fractal shapes still intrigue me.
Aren't turkey eggs gorgeous?
When in Rome... I mean Alaska... Halibut Fish & Chips for dinner- Wow.
We ended our day with Live at Five! These Friday evening concerts in the Village Park feature a wide variety of musical talent from all over Alaska as well as the lower 48. This was the perfect last night event in Talkeetna.

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