Brady's Awesome Banjo Story...

This is just the coolest story and I had to tell it. When do we get good news that needs to be shared with everyone?

This is my friend, Brady, with her much loved banjo. Several weeks ago it was stolen from her classroom. The theft was announced throughout the school, with hopes that it would be returned. It never was but students and teachers took up a collection and raised $544 for her to purchase a new one. This was a little short of the total cost, so Brady wrote to the banjo company explaining her predicament.

This was the response she received from David Vega, Deering Banjo Company International Sales, Customer Service:
Hi Brady,
First thank you for choosing Deering banjos as your beginning banjos! Second, I am so sorry that your Goodtime Parlor was stolen from your classroom. That's amazing that your coworkers and students raised money for you to get a replacement, it speaks volumes to what you mean to them as a teacher and a colleague.
The Goodtime Parlor and a gig bag to go with it would normally be $644.00, which is a  bit more than what you have from the fundraising. Since this is a replacement for a stolen banjo, I would like to offer to you both bag and banjo for the $544 including taxes. Also you are a local and you serve the community.
You would be in luck. I just had a Goodtime Parlor banjo that came in fresh off the factory floor.
If that isn't heartwarming and a reinforcement in humanity, I don't know what is! So dang cool.
And here is Brady with her brand new banjo. Happiness abounds (and music, too)!

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Aquí Ahí Allá said...

Yep!! So dang happy!
It sounds beautiful!!
I LOVE Deering!!!!
I am a Deering girl for life. :)

Karen Booth said...

I hope karma catches up with the thief!!! It's sad to lose the banjo that had all the adventures with her, but I know she will make many new ones.

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