The Genes of Jeans at SLT Library

When looking for ideas for programming for our Friends of the Library presentations, quite often I steal other's already successful events that happened elsewhere. That is how I discovered Kathleen P. Clemence's Riveting Tale about the creation of Levi's®.

For over an hour, I was mesmerized by genealogist Kathleen P. Clemence's presentation J.W. and Annie Davis: Their Riveting Lives. As the inventor of riveted work pants, much has been written about Jacob William “JW” Davis, some fact and some fiction. The fact that the world’s favorite item of clothing was invented and patented in Reno by him is unknown to most locals and denim fans worldwide…but not for long. Having followed numerous paper trails, Kathleen presented the true story of Davis and his family, based on documented evidence.
Weaving the intricate threads of Davis’ compelling life story, she shared with the intrigued audience his journey from Russia through the Canadian wilderness and on to the American West, as well as his many business ventures along the way. This is the stuff fictional books are made of- an interesting family history, including his marriage to Annie Packscher, who may be the missing link in this story that changed the future of the fashion industry. Through the course of Kathleen's thorough presentation we learned who really wore the pants in the Davis family (Annie). This was an exceptional evening of local history full of colorful characters. I loved it all.

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