Day #29 Part 1: Fire Station Dinner

Today was a day of firsts... Dinner in a fire station... BEYOND AWESOME.

Len and Cyndy won a dinner for six at our local fire station. The usual suspects were gleefully included. What a treat!

Okay, so this video is me going down the fire pole. Not glamorous but not nearly as bad as Bridget Jones. Definitely a first!

Dinner was absolutely delicious and they even made Gluten Free brownies for Jenny. So neat!

Right as everything came out of the oven, the station got a call. They did their duty and returned to finish dinner with us. It so far exceeded our expectations. Wow.
Len, Cyndy, Bob, Jenny, Steve, Kevin, me, Holt & Al... what an incredible dinner party with exceptional hosts.

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Karen Booth said...

Almost looked like you were practicing for the Burlesque show the next night!

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