Snowshoeing with Cyndy's Family...

We had the opportunity to show Cyndy's family, from Boston, our elevated fun. It was a bit blustery but so worth being out and about in it all.

Bob encourage all to sniff a tree. Stick your nose into a crevice of the bark and take a big sniff. It may smell like butterscotch or vanilla. The next person who smells it may insist it's more like cinnamon, or even coconut. Scientists don't know why a closely sniffed Ponderosa smells like baking cookies. What it smells like doesn't matter as much as getting everyone to sniff a tree. Bob is great at persuading all.
Lesson learned: Never review photos on your camera while snowshoeing. Lesson #2: Never let Steve have your camera when looking at photos while snowshoeing.
This was the first time snowshoeing for the out-of-towners. They all did great.
Eagle Point was more dramatic than Wednesday but just as breathtaking. It was the perfect spot for a first time snowshoeing adventure.

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