Our Fun LOVE Day...

Today was the first day where we got to spend some amount of time with Bob & Jenny, since before we left on our big road trip in September. How perfect that "Love" day was with them (we love our time together).

We snowshoed up to Eagle Point where the views were breathtakingly beautiful.

It was wild to see large parts of Emerald Bay frozen.

Lunch just tastes better when your bum is frozen! It helps, too, that Jenny is an amazing cook and fed us in 5-star style.
After fueling up, we meandered through the woods to the shore of the Lake.
We delighted in seeing the Dixie with tourists on its decks, come into the Bay.
And as it went by, the sounds of ice being broken apart were ones that we hadn't heard before and it was pretty cool.
Across the point, from where we were standing, Jenny spotted this deer and Bald Eagle. She has an amazing camera and captured this wonderful nature sighting.

The eagle had frolicked in the lake and then was sunning himself on a rock. What a totally incredible behavior for us to witness.
Best snowman- ever! Totally made us chuckle.
Dinner was at the Hard Rock's newly redone restaurant, Alpine Union. We all have player's cards and received enticing coupons "Wanting us back!"
Two-for-one dinners and $10 free gambling money... We were in. One aspect that I love about this day is the fact that it showcases the diversity of Lake Tahoe. We hiked in Nature and then partied in a Casino. That's a pretty awesome way to spend Valentine's Day. Whatever you did, I hope it was wonderful and that you knew you were loved.

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Karen Booth said...

I had texted Marget on Valentine's Day and she said what a beautiful weather day they had in Plymouth. Your photos proved it. I love blue skies. Crazy to see the snow on Fanette Island and the ice in the bay. Super cute snowman, awesome eagle -- can't convince me that a picnic with a frozen butt is fun though.

Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

Wow a picnic, deer, two for one dinner and bald eagles! What an amazing way to spend Love Day!

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