Day #1 with Son #2's Mother-in-Law

Steve and I are very fortunate that our sons have married women who have incredible parents. In fact, we consider them all to be our friends! This weekend, Son #2's mother-in-law is here to play in the snow with us. How totally cool!

Almost immediately upon her arrival, we headed to Camp Richardson to end the day snowshoeing, an activity Suellen did once before and loved.

Dinner and drinks were enjoyed at the Beacon Restaurant for Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce’s Mixer, a fundraiser for former board member and Getaway Reno Tahoe owner Todd Poth and his family. The Poths' 5-month-old daughter, Ayah, is currently fighting for her life at the Salt Lake Primary Children’s Hospital. In an effort to ease the family’s traveling and lodging costs, all proceeds from the event raffle will benefit them. Oh boy did the community rally -a who's who of Tahoe's awesome people. It was heartwarming to see everyone there. Needless-to-say, we not only ate well and drank strong Rum Runners, we bought raffle tickets and made bids on the silent auction items, adding our support.

It was a pretty ideal Day #1 in Tahoe.

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