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Tonight, I joined a group for a creative and  inspired gathering for Maker's Monday at Bona Fide Books (Tahoe's conduit for all things amazing). Our focus was Mail Art,  creating​ amazing correspondence using everyday items. This cool art form  is an artistic movement centered on sending small scale works, interesting/fun inclusions, and unique mailings through the postal service. Mail is alive and well and can be truly unique.

Besides amazing paper supplies, we were given access to a vintage typewriter and ancient sewing machine, both of which added such cool elements to the cards we created.
I was surprised at the level of creativity this group had and encouraged in others.

For three hours, we laughed, encouraged, praised and enjoyed. Each of us walked away pretty proud of ourselves.

I was actually giddy and I'm eager for the next Maker's Monday. I honestly believe the "why" behind Mail Art is perfectly captured in Albert Einstein's quote, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”

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Karen Booth said...

Wished I had been there to join you. Looked TOTALLY fun. I love creativity.

Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

So this was designed with you in mind for sure! Looks super fun!

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