An 85th Birthday...

When we moved to Tahoe, five years ago next month, our first friends were Dick and Joan. They were wonderful people to meet due to the fact that they were not only delightful but super connected in Tahoe and they introduced us to amazing organizations, places and people that enriched our new Sierra life. Due to health reasons, they had to leave "the hill" and moved back to Yuba City. Today we left the hill too, to help Dick celebrate his 85th birthday.

I love this image of Steve with Dick and a photo of himself as an infant. How cute is that!?

Bagpipe playing grandson Casey accompanied 50 joyous voices singing "Happy Birthday". That was a first for me.
Joanne (left) is our neighbor in Tahoe and her husband, Gene, worked with Dick for many years. It is wonderful that Joan and I have common friends. It is a very small world.

Through speeches and private conversations we fully confirmed what we had already surmised- in his 85 years, Dick has accomplished much and has really lived. What a great opportunity to get to know him better and meet all of his family who we have heard about so often. It was a special afternoon which we feel very special to have been a part of.

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