Tahoe BlizzardFest...

The Convergence Of Art And Elements - The Inaugural Pray For Snow Celebration at the Beach Retreat.

From live music to movie screenings, to eclectic lakefront art installations and fun activities, the Tahoe BlizzardFest is a unique 2-day celebration converging art, the elements, and a love of snowsports.
As the night got darker, the art got more awesome.
Joined on the beach by Bob and Jenny, we participated in the official unveiling of Liberty (R)evolution Returns, a unique 'Fire Inside' art collection by Timeless Sculptures.  Set against the backdrop of Lake Tahoe and a star-filled sky, we enjoyed a truly unique experience where art and fire blended as the 30ft tall Hand of Order was lit.
The warming barrels emitted smoke that made it all a bit surreal. While the clear beautiful Tahoe star-filled sky made gazing in the 25° weather surprisingly pleasurable.

We ended the evening watching Yes. Snowboards founder DCP's Balance, a film that examines boardsports culture all over the world. In the movie, the French Canada backcountry freestyler joins forces with surf and skate professionals, showcasing the lifestyle they lead, and highlighting the beautiful destinations they travel to along the way.  Watching this thrilling film in a room of 20-something snowboarders was pretty interesting. It must have been a great film based on their hoots and hollers. What a neat thing for our town.
I liked the premise of this film. The riders found balance not only on their boards but in their lives by pursuing what makes them happy. While I'm not going to shred anytime soon, I think the analogy of finding Balance is true for us here in Tahoe. It is a place that makes us so very happy and an event like this is one of the reasons why!

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