Tower Records & 'All Things Must Pass'

We had an awesome day. We headed to Sacramento to see where Tower Records was born and learn its history. This iconic music store has been a part of our entire lives.

We watched All Things Must Pass at the Tower Theatre, a Sacramento landmark since 1938 and the image that formed the 'tower' part of Tower Records. It was in the adjacent Tower Drugs, where Tower Records was born in 1941.

All Things Must Pass is a documentary that explores the rise and fall of Tower Records, and its legacy forged by its rebellious founder, Russ Solomon. Directed by Colin Hanks with recollections by numerous devotees from Elton John to Bruce Springsteen, we were mesmerized.

This film was a fabulous depiction of this incredibly interesting and much loved company. We enjoyed it thoroughly and have a new appreciation for Tower Records and the man who created it.
The first store opened on Watt Ave, in Sacramento, in 1960. For a myriad of reasons including over expansion, Napster and online music, the company closed all its stores in 2006. After learning so much of its history and for a full explore, we ended our day at that first, original Tower Records which is now a Goodwill Store. How totally, totally cool! The doors are closed, but the legacy lives on.

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