Interesting Night of Things Italian...

We began our evening by welcoming Asiago’s Pizzeria & Deli to the South Shore Community and the Tahoe Chamber. We met with the owner, Mike, and mingled with the Chamber members.

Asiago’s provided us with a sampling of their menu. Everything was tasty and the place has a small town casual feel to it. We liked it.

I love ribbon cuttings. I feel they are hopeful beginnings and we wish the Asiago’s team all the best.
After tiramisu at home, we headed to our local community college for The World Expo and the Future of Culture: Reflections from World Expo 2015 Milan presented by Dr. Scott Lukas, a sociology and anthropology instructor here.
This was a very thorough recount of his experiences with the specific focus being the importance of the world exposition in terms of its showcasing of culture, technology, and architecture, its overall effect on culture and politics, and some of the controversies that impacted the Expo.

Through various images, Dr. Lukas shared the successes and failures of this Expo and discussed Expos of the past, with their controversies (at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in 1909 they raffled off a one month old orphan baby named Ernest).

I left understanding more the reasons behind an Expo and appreciated the brief trip to Milan through Dr. Lukas' lens. E 'stata una buona giornata italiana.

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Bob Sweatt said...

Cool, let's go sometime.

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