Pressing Apples & Drinking Beer...

It's apple season in Apple Hill and part of the excitement of this time of year is the anticipation of Bob's award-winning Hard Apple Cider.

There is something really cool about helping out and using the press Bob made for his senior project in college.

After pressing apples we moved onto sampling beer. With the success of their free wine tasting events every Friday 968 Park Hotel decided to create a similar concept to showcase their craft beer selections.
How fun to be huddled around a fire pit with friends tasting various samples of Anderson Valley Brews. It was bahl hornin.
We ended the night by moving into the Coffee Pub so we could listen to The Connor Party. This fun local band played a diverse music set. We enjoyed the coziness of the Pub and the talents of this duo. Fun stuff in our little town!

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Bob Sweatt said...

Great day. Always fun doing it together.

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