My Thoughts About Winter...

The five minute writing prompt for today's Talking on Paper was for us to share how we felt about Winter while the scene below was just outside the window.

I was born and raised in Southern California- a sun worshiper. I often described myself as reptilian due to my need to bask in the warmth of a summer day.

Flash forward to December 2011 and our decision to relocate to Northern California, a place known for a prevalence of vitamin D deficiencies. This was something I had never truly foreseen- me living in Tahoe.

Now this four season locale is home and the winter, with its palette of white brings me happiness. The world is awash in cleanliness after a snowfall. I eagerly await each and every new storm.

Granted, I have nowhere to be and all day to get there so a flurry, while irritating to some, inspires me. It gives me permission to pause, savor and just enjoy.

Plus, nature is shown in so many unique ways in a Sierra Winter.

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