Road Trip on 395...

Continuing our quest to discover something new on the 450 mile trek to Southern California, we stopped at a historical marker, outside of Bodie (one of our favorite places).

"The County Hospital, which was established at Bodie in 1879, was very difficult to administer, and it was often investigated by the Board of Supervisors. When Bodie declined and the hospital was moved to a spot opposite the intersection of Highway 395 and the Green Creek road, the administration of the Poor Farm, as it was then known, remained a problem for the County. It became a refuge for the aged, ill and penniless. A cemetery was soon populated across the ridge behind the Poor Farm, and as tax revenues from the once flush Bodie and Lundy camps diminished to almost nothing, the Board of Supervisors complained of the cost of maintaining the facilities. In 1891, for example, the officials complained that the bills submitted at the last session were a curiosity, whisky and patent medicines predominated. The Board maintained that whisky might be a necessity but they felt that it should be bought by the barrel instead of by the bottle or glass. They recommended that patent medicines should have been bought by the case and pointed to the fact that one man drank four large bottles a month, and that was a medicine that was supposed to have been taken by the spoon. They also complained that tramps found the hospital a convenient layover."

A common sight, on our road trips, is this tasty snack with the Sierras in the background. It's the simple things that make us happy...

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