Bottles & Bingo...

Okay, so this was one of our more diverse days, as of late. The first stop was the Lake Tahoe Historical Society Museum to hear Mark S. Morris, the author of "Mark's Bottles: 50 Years of Collecting", speak about his interesting hobby.

While I found his collection amazing, I found his life story even more compelling. Mr. Morris recently retired from the US Forest Service, but his time there began when he was just a child, growing up as the son of a Forest Service employee, living in the Baldwin Estate Guard Station at Lake Tahoe.

“The National Forest was my playground and primary education facility during my formative years,” he said. And this playground was full of discarded bottles from history. Lucky Baldwin's Tallac Estate was his backyard. It must have felt like he was on a daily treasure hunt. What an incredible place in which to grow up.

Having found his first bottle at age 8, Mark gathered a huge collection and he shared his vast knowledge with us. I was truly mesmerized and quite surprised at how truly interesting it all was. AND I learned a great deal, too.
Our next stop was the Rec Center for The Kiwanis Club's Ham Bingo. Yes, that's right, the big prize of the night as a ham (actually 20 of them). 
While we didn't win, I had fun because I love Bingo and it was a fundraiser.
We left before the evening ended, but knowing how lucky Bob and Jenny normally are, I'm pretty certain an Easter Ham will be theirs.

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