My Fun Monday...

After a morning walk with Steve and lunch out, Jenny and I went to Karen's, in Lake Valley, for a nature hike before the snow came.

Note this "Where's Jenny?" moment as there was no way she was getting on a log, perched over a roaring river.
I love these Pterospora, commonly known as pinedrops, which are part of the blueberry family. It grows in coniferous or mixed forests and is quite stunning in a landscape of browns and greens.
We didn't see any beavers but plenty of proof of their existence.
After our explore, Karen prepared a most delectable, and completely meat-free meal. Jenny and I were ready to become vegetarians. Delicious.
My day concluded at Bona Fide Books for the monthly Print Club meeting. While everyone else works on masterpieces, I am content to create stamps for Letterbox hiding. What a great space to just do what you want, in a very friendly environment.
It was a nice day of simple pleasures.

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Nesbit Library rocks! said...

I had so much fun too!

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