Convict Lake For A History Lesson...

As we continue the drive down 395, we delight in the detours. Today's was to Convict Lake, a mere two miles off our well trodden path.

Convict Lake and Creek are so named as the result of an AMBUSH encounter here September 17, 1871, where a group of inmates escaped from prison in Carson City. It is such a beautiful spot with such an unfortunate name.

Convict Lake was also featured in the the following films and commercials:

  • The 1951 film, The Secret of Convict Lake, was largely based on the events that occurred at the lake in 1871.
  • The movie How the West Was Won has Convict Lake was in the opening scenes.
  • The lake was the filming location for several scenes in the 1998 film Star Trek: Insurrection.
  • The 1966 movie, Nevada Smith, by Steve McQueen was shot near the lake.
  • It was used in an advertisement for Nature Valley granola bars in 2007 and 2010.
  • An image of Convict lake was used in a CG background for a cartoon demonstration on Mythbusters.

This was a very special stop and one more "check" off our 395 sightseeing list.

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