Old Town Community Theater's "Curtains"...

Wanting to be a part of this 'new town' while we are here, I have begun volunteering for the City's performing arts theater.

When this contemporary, state-of-the-art proscenium theater in the heart of Old Town opened in 2005, we were season ticket holders. It is a very cool space and entering it is even cooler. The Theater is accessed on Main Street through the historic landmark Mercantile Building from the 1890s and exemplifies the City of Temecula's motto “Old Traditions, New Opportunities.”
As for the play, it was described intriguingly.  "In a collision of theatrical traditions – Agatha Christie meets 42nd StreetCurtains is a backstage whodunit musical. Set in 1959 Boston, the cast and crew of a Broadway-bound musical all become suspects after someone is murdered onstage. Detective Frank Cioffi is called to solve the murder. While investigating, Cioffi finds himself in the middle of theatrical egos and eccentricities, deceit and a budding love affair. A huge fan of musical theater, Cioffi even has some suggestions on how to improve their play, Robin' Hood! A New Musical of the Old West."
Steve hasn't jumped into the volunteer pook like me so he purchased a show ticket and acted as my paparazzo.
It is always a great night when one is a the theater. Tonight's production made it that much more great.

"Those who can, do.
those who can do more, volunteer."

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Unknown said...

Good for you! You always dive right in. Looks like a beautiful theater.

Aquí Ahí Allá said...

I have only seen bluegrass there, when the Temecula Bluegrass Festival used to be in Old Town. Boy, do I miss those days!!! :(
Anyway, happy volunteering!

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