Tupelo: The Birthplace of Elvis...

We all know about the meteoric rise to fame. We all know about the mansion called Graceland. We all know how it ended. This is how (and where) it began…

Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935 to Vernon and Gladys Presley.
Born in this two-room house built by his father, grandfather and uncle, his birthplace has been designated as a historic landmark by the State of Mississippi.
Steve is holding 13 year old Elvis' hand. Elvis is portrayed in over-sized overalls, a full open-collar shirt and plain shoes as evidence of the poverty and humbleness of those early years. The statue is life-size and displayed at ground level so that fans can more directly relate to Elvis as a person. It was at age 13 that Elvis and his family left Tupelo for a better life in Memphis. Memphis is only 108.8 miles from here but truly worlds away. After having now been to where Elvis' life began and where it ended (Graceland) I have a new, deeper appreciation for his life's journey. Wow.
Johnnie's was recommended to us and we were so glad we went there for lunch. When Elvis was in elementary school, he liked to stop at nearby Johnnie's Bar-B-Q Drive-In for a cheeseburger and an RC Cola.

We totally loved this 'joint'. The service was Southern Hospitality, the food was good and the prices were exceptional. Steve had a barbecue plate while I had the very unique dough burger. It's a budget patty where the meat is diluted with flour and egg to make it more affordable. It was $1.32 but I had lettuce and tomato added for an additional 14¢. Yep, $1.46 for a burger. Fun stuff.
This is a photo of Elvis on one of his return visits to Tupelo and Johnnie's.
And here I am, in the same booth. My bottom is sitting on the same spot that Elvis' sat on. Way beyond cool!

"I'm still afraid to this day that one morning I'll wake up
and find out that everything was a dream
and that we're all still back in Tupelo
with no hope of getting out from under the poverty."
-Elvis Presley (1970s)

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Karen Booth said...

Great moment for an Elvis fan! I hope you had money left for dessert :)

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