K & T Bachelor/Bachelorette Fête...

Since we were all gathered together, as a family, for the Labor Day weekend, K & T set the date of their wedding for Sunday.

Our daughter-in-law arranged an amazing Singlehood sendoff at Tahoe's best local beer joint, Himmel Haus.
Even the cousins came from SoCal to be a part of this family only fête.
I am surrounded by extremely talented women. The evening could not have been complete without dessert. How totally cute are these cookies, created by our daughter-in-law? This is going to be one awesome weekend!

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Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

She is perfect young lady, she s going to be a wonderful addition to your family for sure! Love them all!

Jennifer Sweatt said...

Love the cookies! Cute, creative and funny.
Sounds like a whirlwind weekend of celebratory fun.

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