Old Town Bluffton, SC...

We have been wanting to visit this quaint village since a girlfriend's daughter moved here a couple of years ago. We're so glad we detoured for a quick, local history lesson.

Bluffton’s coastal location along the May River with its adjacent forests, saltwater estuaries and wildlife provided a rich environment for the birth of this 19th century town. Its story is as authentic and chocked full of history as that of its home state, South Carolina and we were here to learn as much as we could during our brief visit.
I have a new bumper sticker on my car that says "I BRAKE for Little Free Libraries".
Breakfast was delicious and on the porch of the Carson Cottage (1890).

An intriguing stop for us was the Bluffton Oyster Co. (1899). Oystering was the business of Bluffton up until the 1930s, with five different oyster gathering operations. This building is as much a part of Bluffton’s history as much as any other building in town.
Located at the end of Wharf Street on the May River, it was built on a foundation of shells from previous shucking operations from the last two hundred years. It is the oldest cannery factory still in operation in the state. So interesting.
Our night will be spent at the Hilton Head Marina. "Home is where you park it!"

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Karen Booth said...

Still exhausted reading about the 16,000+ steps from the last post. Love the site of the porch breakfast.

Cyndy Brown said...

I love that motto..."home is where you park it"candy

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