Cove East with Jenny...

Walking to the lake shore is always pretty magical. The other day, Karen and I observed two Bald Eagles, bathing themselves in the lapping waves, for over 30 minutes. So cool.

This is one of my favorite Lake Tahoe scenes.
This Osprey was very entertaining as he hunted. It really is like National Geographic here.
I absolutely have a thing for old, wooden boats. When we spotted this, parked at the harbor, we had to stop. While we were ogling the Golden Rose, several men came up to do the same. What a beaut!
I did some research and found out that this is a 1953 40' Chris-Craft 40 Venetian Water Taxi. It was recently for sale in Washington State for $89,950 (originally $245,000). I can't wait to see what the owners do with it. It will be something to see as it cruises Lake Tahoe.

One never knows what one will see. Today was full of nice surprises.

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