Albuquerque Part 1: The Intro

After 422 miles of driving, we were happy to find our delightful airbnb for the next two nights, in this quaint little town.

Ken's place is absolutely perfect. We love it here.

We visited Old Town first. The city was founded in 1706, by the Spanish, and built around a central plaza. On the north side of the Plaza is this amazing church, San Felipe de Neri, which was built in 1793. There is some really great history here that we hope to discover.
Local flavors and sounds filled the Plaza.

Wanting to do an evening stroll in a really unique place, we headed to Nob Hill. This 100 year old neighborhood consists of a commercial district along Central Avenue (former U.S. Route 66) and surrounding residential areas. Known for its eclectic mix of mostly locally owned businesses, Nob Hill has been described as "the heart of Albuquerque's Route 66 culture and also its hippest, funkiest retail and entertainment district".
There is pretty cool history here. In 1939, Ralph Jones, commissioned the construction of a gas station, a car dealership, and service station along Route 66 in the Art Moderne style. The intent was to attract travelers with its location, design, and accessibility. It worked for us, we totally stopped.
When Kellys Brewery purchased the historic Jones Motor Company building in 1999, it finally became a landmark with a future as well as a past. Although many businesses have occupied the site, it is the building’s namesake that carved a place in history. Now, though restoration and renovation, the original character of the Jones Motor Company building shines through.
The walls were adorned with history and for a few moments, we were able to glimpse Route 66 in its glory days. This was the perfect spot to introduce ourselves to the ABQ.

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Nickanddeb Bako said...

How amazing? NM is truly a special place. The owners of my company have been there 2 years now and love it.

For Travel's Sake said...

Oh no, I am starting to get jealous! I want to be on vacation! I know, it will happen soon, but...
Looks like fun. I love the band pic. And the chillies.

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