Hiking to Granite Lake... Oh my!

After being at sea level for six weeks, getting use to our 6,229' elevation took some acclimating. When Jenny suggested this hike, I knew the 1,000 feet of elevation gain would have me going slowly. That said, it gave me time to take in all the exceptional beauty (and catch my breath).

Once we turned a corner and came upon this view, I had to agree with this description, "Granite Lake is a little Tahoe gem located at the base of Maggies Peaks. The trail is a steep climb, and offers several beautiful views." 
A side benefit is the 'fish pedicure' offered by the trout. Believe it or not, this is an expensive spa treatment that we delighted in for free!
We picnicked on this floating log! One of our more scenic lunch spots.
Jenny planned an exceptional day for Cyndy and me, including a side hike overlooking Cascade Lake... breathtaking.

We even caught glimpses of the wonderful wildflower season as it slowly comes to an end. There is so much to discover right here in our own hometown.

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