The Shrimp Boil...

Being as we are still in SoCal, we missed a long planned Shrimp Boil at Len and Cyndy's. Knowing that they were all eating shrimp, we went to dinner and ate the same thing... in honor of the event.

While we dined at the Club, we spent this photo to the group and simultaneously received the photo below.
Here's the party we're missing. If you look closely, Steve and I are in attendance. Cyndy, second on left, is holding 'Steve' and Jenny, on the right, is holding 'me'. How totally cool is this?! We have to be two of the luckiest people to have such thoughtful friends. Oh man, still loving Tahoe.

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Nickanddeb Bako said...

Great times with great friends, they miss you both I am sure.

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