Long Way to Long Beach...

Wanting to have a neat locale for the going away lunch, we took B, C and Mom to San Juan Capistrano.

Our first choice (and great choice) was Fiano's Restaurant.
Delicious food, on a breezy patio with cool drinks... does it get any better than this?

Long Beach is one of my favorite airports. It is truly a step back in time. The Airport Terminal (1941) is a masterpiece of the early modern style, bridging the transition from the modernistic Streamline Moderne style of the 'thirties to the geometric abstraction of the post-war International Style. It was an avant-garde work of architecture for its time, and is a unique building in the City of Long Beach.
Traffic was light, so we got to the airport early enough for them to catch a flight, two hours early. Love that and loved that they visited. It's a fun weekend and it's only Saturday!

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Nickanddeb Bako said...

Looks like another wonderful family memory made!

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