Van Sickle Bi-State Park Hike...

Steve's goal is to get me to hike Mount Tallac (el. 9,738') so we started out my training here today. This was my first explore of this unique park which was created by the Nevada Division of State Parks and the California Tahoe Conservancy. It is the only bi-state park in our nation with a common entrance and it is located on the historic Van Sickle Crescent V Ranch (1860s).

How cool is it to be in two states at the same time? It's one great aspect of its location. The other is the fact that most of the hotels in the urban casino core are located right by the park, providing the opportunity for people to access Tahoe’s outdoor environment without having to drive from their accommodations -- the adventure begins right outside of the hotel door.
For me, a hike with a waterfall along its path is always rewarding.
Reminders of the Gondola Fire of 2002 are visible from most of the trail.
We began our hike too late in the morning heat so I didn't climb as high as Steve would have liked but the views were exceptional and the other hikers we met were very friendly. Even the mountain bikers were polite as they warned us of their impending arrival. This was a challenge for me and one I will try again, often.

"It's always further than it looks.
It's always taller than it looks.
And it's always harder than it looks."
- The 3 rules of mountaineering

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Nesbit Library rocks! said...

I want to stand in two states at once too! Cool.

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