To Cousin Heidi's...

Since mom's niece could not attend the upcoming big family reunion, we stopped for a visit on our way to getting the boy at the airport.

Heidi's husband, Geoff, is a bit like Indiana Jones. In fact, in 1991, he donated his collection of Egyptian funerary objects, mainly from the Late Period and the Ptolemaic Period, such as coffin masks, mummy masks, mummy beads, bronze figurines, and a canopic jar to the San Diego Museum of Man. This sparked public interest in Egypt, and the Museum responded with an exhibition featuring objects from his collection.
This was one of the most interesting places we've seen. It was like being in a museum. Family history and ancient history intertwined- super incredible.

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Nickanddeb Bako said...

Wow super cool, I love these pictures! Looks really interesting! You all look wonderful too!

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