What an AWESOME Day... Granite Lake & Ike and Martin

I really must invest in a thesaurus for words to describe happenings here. For now I will quote Bert & John Jacobs, "Life is Good" (founders of the t-shirt company with that saying on it).

We ventured into Desolation Wilderness to see Granite Lake again. It is a small hike that does not disappoint.

After dinner at Base Camp Pizza, arguably the best happy hour on the Lake, we headed to the Beach Retreat for Ike and Martin, arguably the best duo on the Lake as well... only the best for us!

Wow, right?! I am at a loss for words.

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Vikingsholm for Conversation with History...

This incredible opportunity is described:

Join us for a special evening at Emerald Bay State Park and the incomparable Vikingsholm Castle.  Following a unique behind-the-scene tour, guests will meet in the courtyard where boutique wine and hors d'oeuvres will be served. Dr. Helen Smith will host an informal conversation about her experiences spending fourteen summers at Vikinghsolm as the guest of Lora Knight, the owner.
This was my second chance to learn from Helen, and Karen's first. What a spectacular history lesson.
Vikingsholm (Emerald Bay) is a special place. To tour with someone who pretty much grew up there is almost surreal.
I can't think of a more special place to dine in history.
Helen Henry Smith was instrumental in the property’s placement on the California State and National Registers as an historical landmark and it is because of her we all were able to have a magical evening at this magical place.

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The Big Day for Erline...

The day began here with Paula, from SouthTahoeNow.com, interviewing Erline. What an article!

The evening presentation was a huge success. There were over 90 enthusiastic audience members.
It was an evening of old friends and shared memories.
Erline was truly mesmerizing. We were all on the edge of our seats.
And how fun that new friends were there as well.

This history lesson will be one we eager students will not soon forget.

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It's all about Erline...

So in case you haven't figured it out, these few days are focused on Erline Christopherson, the first woman to swim the length of Lake Tahoe in 1962, when only 16. She, along with her son and friends, Mary and Chesta, are all staying with me prior to her presentation at the Library tomorrow night.

Today began with an interview on Tahoe Today!

Family and friends were there in 1962 and they're here now, 52 years later. We never tire of the stories being remembered. And how fun that she's sharing it with our community and you via the video below.

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Last Valhalla Concert of the Season...The Golden West Winds

The Golden West Winds is the resident woodwind quintet of the United States Air Force Band out of Travis AFB. This group of highly trained musicians has delighted numerous concert audiences throughout the western United States and performed a varied assortment of exciting chamber music, ranging from the works of baroque masters to the ragtimes of Scott Joplin — music that is ideal for all audiences. I knew this event was perfect for our group to attend.

While each song was truly amazing, my two favorites were The Battle Hymn of the Republic and the Star Wars Cantina Song... yes, they were that versatile.
Erline was even introduced to the sold out audience as a VIP. She received a huge round of applause. What an exciting evening for all of us.

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Erline Christopherson Reliving History...

In 1962, when she was only 16, Erline became the first woman to ever swim the length of Lake Tahoe (22 miles). This was world news and she became quite a celebrity.

Today, thanks to Bob and Jenny (and their wonderful pontoon boat), Erline had the chance to share her memories with us, as we revisited that day 52 years ago, in Emerald Bay.
It is amazing listening to the stories of how the record breaking swim came to be. It was like it was yesterday and we were mesmerized.
While in the Bay and since it had been almost 20 years since I climbed to the Tea House on Fannette Island, Jenny and I ventured forth. What fun.

Also reliving the memories with Erline was Mary, the high school friend who was there for that unforgettable day.
Circa 1962.
On Wednesday, Erline will share her story as part of our Friends of the Library Program Series. She will show vintage film and photos of the day. She will share it with the entire community. Yet, for today, we few were given a glimpse into how awesome this feat was. We were are so impressed!

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Himmel Haus... Beer in a Boot

B & C came up to hangout with grandma on the last day of her Tahoe sojourn. An afternoon snack was had at one of our more quirky, fun and welcoming eateries- Himmel Haus.

 Where else can one have a delicious liter of beer in a boot???

It was a full day, beginning as volunteers at the library book sale, thrift store shopping, backyard barbecuing, BananaGrams, dinner at Vinny's Pizzeria and a whole lot of front porch sitting. It was a perfect family connect.

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Anna Helwing & The Shotwell Trio...

The historic Boathouse at Valhalla is one of our favorite summer spots. Tonight we came for the music.

How magical to have the view of the Lake as amazing music flows throughout the room.

Lake Tahoe resident Anna Helwing, an accomplished classical vocalist returned with the Shotwell Trio (cello, piano and violin). A returning festival artist, Anna has performed a varied selection of classical music ranging from early music to contemporary works, in different musical ensembles. Her emphasis tonight was classical and beautiful. A truly wonderful experience. Bravi!

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Bruno Mars Under the Stars...

Continuing with the FUN that is our Summer...

There is something about the camaraderie that comes from dancing under the stars. No one is a stranger...

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Family Letters, Tahoe History...

I was really anticipating this presentation by Mary Jo Sonntag of her book, Write, If You Live to Get There Tracing Westward Expansion Through 120 Years of Family Letters. Mary Jo told the story of the Phillips family’s westward migration from Vermont to northern California. Her mother was given a box of family memorabilia which painted a rich and detailed portrait of American life in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Her family established prominent resorts in the Lake Tahoe region at Phillips Station, Rubicon Springs and Meeks Bay over 100 years ago. She shared historic memories through letters and photos. What an incredibly rich and interesting presentation. Everyone was thoroughly impressed. I can't wait to read the history of the people who started Tahoe's legendary hospitality.

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Bob and his Boletus edulis...

Mushroom hunting is big here in Tahoe, with Jenny and Bob being some of the most avid of the fungi finders.

Nice Porcino Bob!
We have been offered these delicacies before but Steve declines because of this warning...
CAUTION: Identifying mushrooms is serious business.
Eating poisonous mushrooms will kill you. Pretty quickly too,
so be sure to identify every mushroom before you eat it.

Or it may be your first. And Last!

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Stand Up Paddle Class #2

Steve came and was our official photographer. He did great documenting our really fun lesson!

The class began with stretching on the beach.

We went farther than last week, all with a powerful headwind.

I love this photo with Cave Rock on the right.

Okay, so in the last minutes of class, I tried speed turning with our instructor, Damien. I ended up in the 69°F Lake. I was told "You're not doing it right if you don't fall in!" I guess I'm doing it so right!

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