Hiking in Four Seasons...

Maybe not four seasons, but pretty close. As Chris, Jan, Steve and I hiked from Eagle Point Campground to Emerald Bay, we experienced a variety of weather (snow, rain, wind, sun), which made for a more interesting excursion.

The view of Vikingsholm Castle is pretty impressive from above.
Steve and I had just commented that we hadn't seen any Snow Plants yet and here they were.
We have been in many woods, yet this was the first time I had seen this sign.
Hmm, Spring was in the air! ♪♫ Birds do it...♪♫
We discovered this mangled Ford Truck wreckage, strewn all over the hillside. Located several hundred feet below the highway, I was intrigued. Could it be here from the 1982 Emerald Bay Avalanche? The destruction was of that magnitude. Eerie.

Eagle Falls were powerfully beautiful!
After a picnic at the Bay, we strolled Taylor Creek with hopes of discovering a beaver. We had no luck but we did see Bob and Jenny and delighted in the spectacular scenery.

It is always so satisfying to be out in Nature and it's even more magical when it's Tahoe's Nature we're exploring.

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Poop Happened...Trip Delayed

Sharing our current paranoia... I mean plans. It is with a heavy heart that we must postpone our highly anticipated RV trip. We picked up our trailer Sunday and it was full of mouse evidence. Upon further unloading, we found a great deal of it.

Why do we need to postpone? We are concerned with Hantavirus (which can be fatal). People become infected through contact with hantavirus-infected rodents or their urine and droppings and it is very ill advised to live in tight quarters with critter "stuff". We don't want to jeopardize our health so we are waiting the required amount of time before feeling comfortable being in the RV. Always better safe than sorry. In addition, there is a great deal of disinfecting and laundering to be done- precautions to guarantee we stay well. Wish us luck!

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Fern's Scrabble® Birthday Lunch...

Celebrating someone's #88 is a pretty special event. It's even more special when the birthday girl creates a delicious lunch.

Our meal was followed by two rounds of Scrabble® with each of us winning once.

Fern's gift, from me, was this super cute book I made for her. In addition, I found an awesome set of Scrabble® stickers which she loved as I knew she would. We have so much in common. While we played, a thunderstorm occurred... all the makings of a perfect afternoon.

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Bowling Monday Madness...

Our favorite Monday night event is walking to our local bowling alley with Linda and Casey.

Steve totally blew us away with his awesome 196+ point game. Thankfully none of us were competitive! Bowling is fun in your SPARE time.

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Celebrating Len... A Great Guy!

I love a surprise party. Cyndy pulled off this intimate gathering for Len's #72. What fun!

To wish you joy on your birthday
And all the whole year through,
For all the best that life can hold
Is none too good for you.

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AlertTAHOE...So Important

The library hosted Dr. Graham Kent, from the UNR Seismological Laboratory. Dr. Kent gave an incredibly interesting, and at times frightening, presentation on ALERT Tahoe.

ALERT Tahoe is a new, one-of-a-kind, fire camera and multi-hazard tracking system that includes smoke investigation, prescribed fire oversight, wildfire tracking, Earthquake Early Warning, and monitoring of extreme weather events. A prototype of the fire camera system is functioning, scoring early successes during the summer of 2014. Dr. Kent presented on the existing and planned camera system, having most of the audience on the edge of our seats.
Now, more than ever, a system like this is needed in the Tahoe basin. My hope is that everyone will donate to the AlertTAHOE campaign so we can stop fires before they devastate!

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A tavola con i buoni amici
e la famiglia non si invecchia!

Italian to English Translation:
At the table with good friends
and family you do not become old.

Let's hope the Italians have this one right. As we leave SoCal at 5 AM, we remember all the lovely meals we've had for the last ten days. Wow. Some have been on the blog in other places and some were so engrossing we just didn't remember to photograph. Yet all were incredibly special.
Jackie has a summer cabin in our Tahoe neighborhood but winters here in La Jolla. It's a pretty nice substitute for life at the Lake.
We experienced a few backyards, and here we were with Carol and Mark in theirs.
Suzanne was our son's 6th grade teacher, 17 years ago. We have remained friends all this time. How very cool. This trip, for us, was to reconnect with those we haven't had the time to see due to other commitments. We accomplished much in our brief stay.

The total of tables, at which we dined, is 14! We are so not becoming old! What a great sojourn. We ♥ our friends!

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Our Disney Day... So Dang Fun!

Most know what a big fan I am of all things Disney, so when we get an opportunity to visit The Happiest Place on Earth I'm there. Today could not have been more perfect!

It was great spending time with Bob. He loves Disneyland almost as much as I do.

Connecting with Karen and David made the day that much more unforgettable. And going on David's favorite rides (we're on Big Thunder Mountain) was extra special.
I am especially fond of characters. Maleficent, the Evil Queen from Sleeping Beauty, was extra cool because she was a first for me.

Note which Ranger won!

This was Steve's first visit to the new Cars Land in Disney's California Adventure. He was not disappointed. Fun stuff being a kid again!

The movie "Frozen" is the big emphasis in DCA and when I saw this vegetable tie-in I had to document it. Only with Disney!!!
A first for us was dining so elegantly within an amusement park. Karen and David took us to their favorite spot, Wine Country Trattoria. We're hooked.
The parks become more magical at night. It was an exceptional day.
"It has that thing - the imagination,
and the feeling of happy excitement- I knew when I was a kid."
-Walt Disney, about Disneyland

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Quirky Group...

Lynne, Scott, Bill and I became friends many years ago, and started a tradition of lunching together. Today, Steve joined in.

There is something very special about porch sitting and breeze shooting with old friends on a warm day.

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Carol & Sisters in NYC...

I had to share this photo. Our friend, Carol, and her sisters are in New York, visiting a niece who works for ABC television.

Here are the little sisters with Robin Roberts, the anchor on Good Morning America. What a great photo! By the way, Robin is 5'10".

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Oceanside for 12 Hours...

Brady and Eric planned an exhaustingly wonderful day for our beach break.

We began with the best breakfast burritos and then hit the ground walking... a lot.
I loved this Vintage Market. These places really are treasures hunts.

Strolling the Oceanside Pier is a must. What a glorious day by the sea.

We paused for a brief tasting at Stone Brewing.
We meandered into the Oceanside Museum of Art for the 'San Diego Dreaming' exhibit. There was something about this couple I just loved.
We got to experience a little local culture as we witnessed the conclusion of this QuinceaƱera, the celebration of a girl's 15th birthday.
We loved this new Bagby Beer Company. World-class beer. Simple food done well. Inviting hospitality.
“A friend is someone who knows all about you
and still loves you.”
― Elbert Hubbard

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