♪♫ It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas♫♪

The holiday season is upon us and remembrances abound.

Sharing our love of Sugar Pine Cones, a Christmas swag was made for Steve's banker.
While sending the last of our holiday mail, I spotted this post box. I'm very tempted to return with a letter to the Jolly Man, himself.
More toasts were made to old friends and new as we dined at Lee and Margaret's.
 Oh, and Christmas sweaters were the required attire.

A slow meander through neighborhoods of lights, was the best conclusion of our magical day.

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Ike & Martin Royally Rock...

The Tahoe Queen was the vessel for tonight's concert cruise. What a blast.

Nine of the 15 in our group had no idea of the awesomeness of Ike and Martin. This cruise increased their fandom- big time. Needing to tell someone how I felt about this night, I wrote a letter to the editor...
Over the last few weeks, the talented duo of Ike and Martin, have rocked the MS Dixie and the Tahoe Queen with a series of free concert cruises. I can't begin to express how wonderful these musical interludes, in the midst of all the holiday madness, lightened our moods and elevated our love of all things Tahoe. Kudos to not only Ike and Martin, but to Aramark Parks and Destinations along with their very hospitable staff on both ships. There really are few things as magical as a lake cruise, surrounded by friends, listening to exceptional music. It was a Christmas present, in of itself. Thank you to all who made it happen.

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Summer's Over?

There is something about these two images that made me realize that Winter is on its way. All of us in the Sierras have been doing the snow dance for weeks. While today's dusting is rather minimal, it gives us hope.

The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event.
You go to bed in one kind of a world
and wake up in another quite different,
and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?
J. B. Priestley

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Our Bat Brouhaha Conclusion...

If you are not familiar with our Bat Tale, you must read the post describing the incident. After submitting the receipts for any kind of reimbursement from our insurance, we have the final tally we must pay out of pocket.

$4,700 each for the required emergency room visit for the first two shot series.

$252 each for the following three booster shots, in the series, for a total of six injections.

Drum roll please...$10,912 total for Steve and me not to possibly die a devastating death from sleeping with a possibly rabid bat in our bedroom. It was the advised course of action from all the experts. Needless-to-say, it is a very expensive cautionary tale and one I hope everyone can avoid- Yikes.

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Handbell Concert... Outstanding!

Another first for us...a handbell concert with Tintabulations' "Ring We Now of Christmas" program at Hope Lutheran Church.

Tintabluations Handbell Ensemble is a diverse group of ringers, aged from 18 to 60+, committed to the art of English Handbell ringing. The group performs music ranging from classic church hymns to jazz and show tunes, proving that bell ringers from any age or background can turn a simple set of bells into an impressive music making force. We were thoroughly impressed.

This was a powerful musical performance. Until seeing it and actually ringing a bell myself, there is no way to fully grasp the talent involved in making this unique music. Our group of nine was mesmerized. This snippet of video doesn't do it justice. Wow.

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Santa and his Helper...

If you're not familiar with the website People of Walmart, it is a collection of photos of the unique shoppers, drawn to that store. While these two characters weren't shopping, their presence in the Carson City, Nevada parking lot made us pause to ponder.

Bring on the holiday cheer, wherever it can be found!

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Friends and Festivities...

Continuing the fun from last week's gala, Len and Cyndy hosted a soirĂ©e in their lovely home and it was exceptional.

Family, friends, merriment... all the ingredients combined for a wonderful night.

“Find ecstasy in life;
the mere sense of living is joy enough.” 
― Emily Dickinson

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Dream Spirit Baroque Band...

Wanting to share the holiday spirit with the community, the Friends of the Library presented Dream Spirit for some festive fun.

For almost two hours, we sang along to new and familiar tunes. Babes danced in their mothers' arms and children rang bells to add to the mirthful merriment. It was a joyful way to spend a Saturday.

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Valhalla's Volunteer Gala...

We can only sum up our night as Grand. As anyone would attest at a party within the historic Grand Hall.

Isn't this an exquisite venue?

Nothing says "Christmas" quite like a fist bump with Santa.
There was absolutely no surprise when Bob made Volunteer of the Year. Way to go Bob!
Here is our virtual toast to you, "May the holidays bring you happiness each day, healing to any hurts, and all the love your heart can contain."

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Tahoe Chamber Wine Walk...

We gathered a map, a wine glass and our gleeful enthusiasm, and then headed out for an explore of Heavenly Village. This is an annual Chamber event to introduce businesses to the community. And what an introduction!

Twelve stops. Great food. Unique Tastes. Tons of fun.

While a blizzard may be coming, we had our own storm of a good time! Man, we love Tahoe!

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Crazy Tahoe Weather...

With wind gusts exceeding 100 mph, there was some serious damage done, including 5 1/2 hours without power. We have a gas stove so we made hot soup for our neighbors. This is our third Sierra winter and certainly today was the most unique yet.

We went for a walk, just to see it all. Several homes in our neighborhood had trees fall.

Our mailman told us of this devastating damage done to St. Theresa's Church, just around the corner from us.
While there, dozens of people came by to take photos.
While we were out, we received a text from Betty saying that a tree next to her cabin fell, taking down a power line. When we returned, this is what we found... the power line is still dangling in the street. This is crazy and exciting. Wow.

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♪♫ O Christmas Tree ♫♪

♪♫For every year this Christmas tree,
Brings to us such joy and glee.
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree,
Such pleasure do you bring me! ♫♪

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Ike and Martin Rock the MS Dixie...

When Margaret and Lee suggested a Pints & Paddles cruise, we were totally on board! There is no place I'd rather be on a Wednesday night.

These guys totally rock and we are devoted Ike and Martin Minions (fans).

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